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Exterior Decorative Solutions is dedicated to a unique look, unmatched by general painters.

Why Choose Exterior Decorative Solutions?

Exterior Decorative Solutions can WHITE WASH your brick/stone, creating a one-of-a-kind natural look. Our process is time-tested, and a secret. Tulsa’s premier Brick, Stone, white wash specialist. We should get a patent, it’s that unbelievable!


What do we do?

Exterior Decorative Solutions has developed a faux-finish painting technique for brick and stone. We PAINT brick/stones  to achieve a NATURAL and AUTHENTIC appearance. We also provide full range brick staining service, for masonry that has never been painted.

Does it look real?

Absolutely. Exterior Decorative Solutions has developed a White Wash technique that leaves an original appearance that looks unique, original, and natural. No two bricks are alike. Each brick has a natural, variation of colour, which looks real.

Will you provide a sample for me?

We would be happy to provide either, a sample panel which includes brick slices on a board, painted to your requested color, or, a sample painted on the wall of the project itself! Either way, each sample allows you the ability to scrutinize, up close, the look and feel of our one-of-a-kind White Wash finish.

How does it stack up against alternatives?

A typical painting company won’t be specialized in many things other than residential and commercial wood and metal. Bricks and stones require specialized products, technoques, and knowledge. We have all three in spaids. We don’t try to be who we are not. Leave the paint jobs to the pro’s and leave the Brick and Stone White Wash to the Pro’s.

We provide your home or building with a natural appearance that looks authentic, exotic, and a step above the traditional look of stone or brick. Need a change, but don’t know what to do?

Exterior Decorative Solutions


Our Secret White Wash Technique for Indoor & Outdoor Brick & Stone

Our Services Include:


Commercial and residential white washing


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10 year warranty on all labour and materials


High end craftsmanship

Exterior Decorative Solutions is founded on principles of stewardship, honest dealing, quality work, and trust.

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