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Home Painting: Four Kinds of Paint Brushes

You want to paint or whitewash your home, but you need the right tools for the job first. One of the most fundamental tools of painting is the paint brush, but not all paintbrushes are the same. Some can give you a smoother finish, others might leave bristles behind in the paint. Some are sturdier, some are softer. If you want to know what the right one is for your project, you need to familiarize yourself with these four types of paint brushes.

Natural Hair Paint Brushes

If your project requires an oil-based paint, then you will want to use a natural hair paint brush. Natural hair brushes are made with the hair of badgers or pigs. With a brush made from the latter, you can use it for water-based paints, too. You can find other varieties of natural hair brushes, but most other kinds are used for art projects. They’ll also cost more money.

Let’s say you need a brush for a varnishing project. You need a badger hair paint brush, since it won’t leave any traces of brush marks, which makes for a smooth finish. Be warned, however, that they are expensive.

No matter what kind of natural hair paint brush you use, though, you will need to care for it. Be sure to clean it well and comb it with a brush after you use it.

Synthetic Hair Paint Brushes

Synthetic hair paint brushes make for a more cost-effective option for painting, since they use nylon instead of natural hair. If your project requires water-based emulsion paints, then this is the brush you’ll want to use.

Synthetic vs. Hair Paint Brushes

However, there is a tradeoff. Synthetic hair paint brushes are rough, and the bristles tend to fall out while you are using it. You also need to be more concerned about brush marks since the bristles in synthetic hair brushes tend to be stiff.

Flagged Bristle Brush

Flagged paint brushes are brushes with split bristles. For a latex paint project, you should use a brush like this. These ones are more expensive than a synthetic hair paint brush, but less expensive than a natural hair paint brush. Furthermore, they can hold more paint than other synthetic brushes, and leave a smoother finish with fewer brush marks. You will want to find one whose bristles are tapered, going from thicker to thinner from the paint brush handle. Find: Towing Tulsa>

Different Size Paint Brushes

Depending on what your job entails, you might need different sized brushes. Fortunately, you can find numerous types of paint brushes to use for any project. While most will only be useful for fine art, sometimes a smaller brush is needed for painting your walls. Alternatively, you might need a large paint brush a few inches wide for your job. Whatever the case, you can find any size you need, and some even come in different shapes.

Maybe tradition paint isn’t the right thing for your project, but you aren’t sure what other options you have. Consider hiring a Tulsa whitewashing service to give your home a rustic, unique charm.