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Exterior Decorative Solutions White Wash Painting should be your first choice for interior and exterior residential or commercial painting in the Tulsa area. Our painter, Kerry & his team, are reliable, experienced and knowledgeable about white wash painting needs you may have. We serve all of the Tulsa metro area including Midtown, Downtown, Broken Arrow, Jenks, South Tulsa, and all other Tulsa suburbs and neighborhoods.


EDS Painting Tulsa Oklahoma Interior Painters. We are available for a number of interior painting projects, including:


  • Commercial, Residential, Industrial
  • Brick
  • Stone

Our Painting Services

  • Exterior House white wash
  • Interior white wash
  • Commercial & Residential
  • Thorough Cleanup
  • Excellent Customer Service

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Exterior Decorative Solutions Tulsa Oklahoma is a premier white wash Exterior painter. We are also available for all of your exterior house painting needs:

  • Commercial, Residential, Industrial
  • Brick
  • Stone

“Kerry white washed our home over 10 years ago and it still looks fantastic.”

What to expect when you hire Exterior Decorative Solutions – Painting for your residential project

Our professional painters will show up on time as agreed. They will treat your property with respect and professionalism. You will be kept up-to-date on the progress of your paint job and will be informed of any potential problems as they are encountered. We will prepare the surfaces to be painted and then apply the appropriate top coats with the right applicator. You should expect Exterior’s Painting team to do the very best possible job within the scope of work agreed upon.

How to Choose a Reputable Painter

You want to paint your new property, or repaint over an older paint job. Where are you going to find the right painter? How do you know if someone is trustworthy enough to do the job right the first time? It’s a difficult decision, but we want to help make it simpler.

Here are some questions to ask yourself so you know how to choose a reputable painter:

Are There Any Painting Company Reviews About Them?

Before you hire a painting company, the first thing you will want to do is see if there are any reviews about them. These days, this is the standard first step for many people for finding services, thanks to the prevalence of online reviews. Check Google Reviews, AngiesList, the Better Business Bureau, or Yelp to make sure they have received positive reviews. If you know someone who has used them previously, ask them of their opinion of the painters.

How Much Does the Painter Charge?

While you want to find a company which works for your price range, cheaper isn’t always better. While the ideal situation is to find a cost-effective and high-quality company, that isn’t always possible. If the painting business is decently priced but has poor reviews, go for a company that might be more expensive but with good reviews. It’s better if the job is done right the first time, otherwise you could be looking at new costs to fix a bad paint job.

Do They Provide a Painting Estimate?

If the painter doesn’t provide you with a comprehensive estimate, you should be wary. If you can, hire a different local company which will give you a full estimate for their work.

Has the Painting Company Been in Business for a Long Time?

You want to be sure the company has some experience. While new companies certainly deserve a chance, if you want to play it safe, it is best to go for a painting business which has been around for roughly a year.

Does the Painting Company Have Warranties?

Sometimes the final product isn’t what you had in mind, and a good Tulsa painter company will be glad to provide you with a warranty. A respectable painting company should provide warranties on their work. Tulsa Weed Control>>

How Much Painting Prep Work Do They Do?

Make sure the painters preform any needed preparation before they begin painting. If they don’t then the surfaces won’t necessarily be ready for the new coat of paint. Dirt, dust, or leftover paint from a previous coat can lead to problems later down the line. Without proper preparation, paint can easily crack or peel prematurely. Tulsa Hotshot>>

Do They Have a Commercial Painting Portfolio?

Ask if the painting business can provide pictures of their work for previous clients. Alternatively, check their website to see if they have any sort of portfolio for public viewing. Make sure the images are high definition, or at the very least good quality.


Find a Tulsa whitewashing company near you, if you decide you want a reputable whitewashing company to revitalize your home’s appearance. Need a Tulsa Painter? We believe painting is an art and a passion and we have both. Ask us to see our white wash painted samples on different stones.