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For painting beginners, there are many techniques to learn before achieving that perfect coat of paint. However, whether you’ve been painting for a long time, or if this is your first attempt at painting, there are some good painting tips everyone should know. Even if you have all of the right equipment, there’s still ways you can make the job easier on you, even if only in little ways.

The following are five painting hacks to help you improve a painting project:

Try Using Painter’s Tape Instead of Masking Tape

Trying to pry up masking tape can be an unnecessary annoyance. Its adhesive makes it difficult to remove, and leaves behind tears and residue, making the process of removing it far more time-consuming than necessary. Not only that, but if you don’t remove it the day you placed it down, then you’ll face an even more difficult time removing it. Painter’s tape, however, has a milder adhesive, making it easier to remove after you’ve finished painting. Using painter’s tape will also provide sharper edges, and without causing any surface damage. Most brands can be easily removed up to 14 days after your initial application, so there’s less pressure to remove it the same day you placed it.

Whitewashing has managed to survive the test of time, for both its practical application, and aesthetic value. As such, whitewashing has a rich history. From Greece, to England, all the way to the United States, people have made use of whitewash paint for many of their needs.

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Inspect the Area Before Painting

One vital step before painting is to make sure the area you’re painting is idea for paint application. If you find any grime, dirt, or paint that’s flaking off, you will want to remedy it before you proceed. Wash off the dirt, and sand off any previous paint so your new paint will adhere better to the surface.

Have a Small Putty Knife Handy

A small putty knife has more applications than just putty. When you place your painter’s tape, you can use a putty knife to press down the tape, and embed it to the woodwork for a better seal. If you do this, then you won’t have to worry about any paint getting underneath the tape and ruining the perfect edges. In addition, a putty knife can be useful for catching any grime you might have missed.


Canvas Drop Cloths

If you have to choose between plastic or canvas for your drop cloths, go with canvas. Canvas drop cloths stay in place, and don’t slide around, making them safer to have around your work area. It is also worth noting that they are easier to spread, and come in different sizes to cover different parts of your home. For this very reason, be sure to keep multiple kinds on hand. Wrecker Near Me

Invest in a Stepladder

Stepladders are useful for reaching high places without the hassle of carrying around a larger ladder. Even if your home is large enough where a step ladder wouldn’t be enough to reach the top, having a stepladder around would still be useful. Not every job will require you to reach the top of your home, and this will be far more convenient in those instances. You will want a stepladder measuring 4 ft. in height. Pipe Bending Tulsa>>

While it’s satisfying being able to paint something on your own, there isn’t always enough time to do a painting project. If you don’t have time or decide traditional paint isn’t right for what you want, contact a Tulsa whitewashing company for assistance.