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5 Fun Whitewashing Projects

Whitewashing Origins

The oldest house paint in history was a sort of whitewash, but even though it has been used for thousands of years, its origins are hazy. We know it must at least go back to ancient Mesopotamia (roughly between 4000 and 3000 B.C.), as the famous White Temple derived its name from the whitewash coating its inside and exterior. Furthermore, archaeologists discovered that whitewash was used to coat Pharaoh Tutankhamun’s tomb (which stands to reason, considering whitewash paint has antibacterial properties). There are more famous structures that have been whitewashed too, including the Greek Acropolis and the Roman Colosseum. There is even mention of whitewash in the Bible, from a metaphor Jesus uses about the religious leaders of the day.

Do you want to do a fun project with your family or friends? Try a whitewashing project. The ingredients of whitewash are cost-effective, and the process is simple. Any age, any skill level can do it. Everyone is bound to have a great time, but what are you going to whitewash? We have some ideas to help you. These are 5 fun whitewashing projects. Tulsa Paint Specialists>>

5. Whitewashed Picture Frames

If you have pictures you want to hang up, you want to frame them in something which demonstrates your unique style. Whitewashing picture frames is the perfect way to compliment your photos, with its simple, classic look. Additionally, frames provide a small area to work with, so they’re a great way to learn the basics of whitewashing, without pressure. You also won’t have to make as much whitewash to paint a picture frame. The final product will be a subtle but beautiful touch to any photo, and you’ll have a blast making it.

4. Whitewashed Coffee Table

No doubt your coffee table is well-used, and, inevitably, it could use some new life. Whitewash looks good on all styles of wooden coffee tables, and will give the table the rejuvenated appearance you want for it. You won’t need to worry about the whitewash making the room smell bad, either, since whitewash doesn’t create the noxious fumes that regular paint does. A coffee table is a great project to do with a group, with each person working on a section of it. Once you’re done, your coffee table will look like new.

3. Whitewashed Bed Frame

Sometimes, a wooden bed frame might look too plain, but a painted bed frame looks too gaudy. If you’re looking for something subtle, then you can whitewash the bed frame. This will help accentuate it without making it look too loud. A bed frame might seem like a complicated project, but whitewash is easy enough to use that you can relax and enjoy working on it.

2. Whitewashed Kitchen Cabinets

If you ever wanted to have a rustic, coastal-looking kitchen, you can whitewash the kitchen cabinets. Whitewashing the cabinets will make your kitchen look naturally brighter and cleaner. Furthermore, whitewash is antibacterial, meaning your wooden cabinets will be more sanitary so you don’t have to worry as much about bacteria forming on the wood. With a whitewashing project this large, you can bring your family and friends along for the fun.

1. Whitewashed Fireplace

The rustic style has remained popular to this day because of its natural beauty and simple colors. Due to this, one of the most popular whitewashing projects today is the whitewashed fireplace. A rustic-looking fireplace gives off natural feelings of warmth, and evokes images of curling up by the fire on a cold winter’s night. The best part is brick and stone are just about as easy to whitewash as wood. Work alone or with friends to achieve the ideal whitewashed appearance you’re looking for, and enjoy your fireplace’s new aesthetic.