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Exterior Painter in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Exterior Painter

Sometimes, even the best-looking property needs a fresh coat of paint. While what we do is not necessarily painting by traditional means, we can make your property look as good as new. We are experienced exterior painters, convenient, close by, and have all the knowledge needed to make any outdoor painting project a success. Tulsa Painter>>

Advantages of Painting a Building

Fresh paint gives a building new life, but there are so many more reasons why painting is important. Besides the sense of pride that comes with owning personally stylized building, there are a number of practical benefits conferred from a coat of paint.  Whether it is only for looks, or for practicality, there is no doubt that painting is a worthwhile investment.

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Cost-effective Renovation

Sometimes, all a home, wall, or other structure needs is fresh paint to revitalize it. Not only will it help the building look cleaner and newer, but it will make it more valuable, too. We use high quality whitewash paint for both form and function, but most importantly, we are a budget friendly renovation. We want to help save you money while making your property look better than it has ever looked. For those needing a cost-effective way to improve their properties appearance and value, Exterior Decorative Solutions has the right tools and skilled employees to make a simple, but effective renovation.

Better Protection from Harsh Weather and Insects

Oklahoma gets some crazy weather, and it is especially important for people to keep their property safe. Painting can help the longevity of one’s property by protecting it from harsh conditions. Snow, ice, and rain can all wear away brick and stonework, or cause it to erode or fracture. Even the concern of weather aside, insects can get into the cracks and crevices, which can lead to infestations. Fortunately, a coat of paint can work like a seal around the building, resisting rain and snow, and keeping unwanted pests out of the house. Indoor/Outdoor Painter Tulsa>>

Raised Property Value and Curb Appeal

If the time comes to sell a house or other property, a fresh paint job can drastically increase the value of the house on the market. Not only is it impressive for potential buyers, but statistically can lead to return rates on the paint job. When buyers are coming to look at the house, it is best to have a strong curb appeal (allure of the property from a street view). A new coat of paint can help get a seller ahead in a potential sale, and make them stand out against the other properties.

Brick Painting

Houses made of wood are not the only buildings that can be painted. Exterior Decorative Solutions is skilled in whitewash paint and proficient in working with stonework and brickwork, and you can trust out employees to finish the job in a timely, professional manner. Sometimes bricks and stones can look dirty, but whitewash paint can make it look clean again. Not only does it look fantastic, it will keep for a long time.

Paint and Whitewash

Whitewash is a sort of paint, although the painting that we do is not traditional painting. In some ways, however, whitewash is better than paint for this job. For instance, once dried, whitewash is entirely nontoxic and antibacterial. Furthermore, there are no strong noxious fumes produced by whitewash, unlike paint. Notably, whitewash paint is good for neutralizing odors. One of the greatest advantages, however, is that whitewash does not peel, so not only will it look better than paint for a longer time, its durability ensures it will last even in harsher conditions. Painting Professionals Tulsa>>

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