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Whitewashing Brick Exterior

Whitewashing Brick Exterior

Owning a brick house has many benefits, from better temperature control to increased home value. Sometimes, though, your house needs to be cleaned up and updated. If your house’s brick exterior needs refurbishing, consider whitewashing it. Whitewashing has been practiced since Ancient times, and remains a popular style. You will give your house a classic appearance while simultaneously giving it new life. Tulsa Painter>>

Whitewashing has managed to survive the test of time, for both its practical application, and aesthetic value. As such, whitewashing has a rich history. From Greece, to England, all the way to the United States, people have made use of whitewash paint for many of their needs.

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Whitewashing Outdoor Brick

The process of whitewashing a brick exterior begins by sanding the brick. If the bricks have not been previously painted, then this will smooth them out, otherwise sanding off the old paint job will be required first.  The next step is to scrub and wash the surface of the brick, because if the bricks are dirty, it will be obvious under the whitewash. Now the bricks are ready to be whitewashed. Once applied, the whitewash will need to dry, but once it does the brick exterior will look bright and fresh.  

Why Whitewash Brick?

You might wonder why you should have your exterior brick whitewashed. Whitewashing indoor brick makes sense, but whitewashing outdoor bricks might seem unnecessary. Bricks on their own are aesthetically pleasing, but the benefits of whitewash are too many to ignore. It is cost-effective, and will provide the best return on any renovation. Whitewashing brick provides both decorative and practical advantages.


Rustic style houses are timeless in beauty. The rustic look is not affected by the trends or short-lived styles, but instead has a unique, lasting identity of its own. It is a warm and welcoming look which evokes fond memories within people. Whitewashing exterior brick will capture this rustic look, while helping the brickwork look renewed. It will even help capture the rustic look better than normal paint. Even the best quality paint will soon fade or peel, and maintenance costs will begin to grow. Whitewash requires little maintenance to keep its appearance, and will not peel off of the brickwork. Additionally, if you need to sell your house, a new coat of paint (whitewash in this case) increases the property value and curb appeal, which can help the property sell faster. Potential buyers will love the rustic appearance as much as you do. Tulsa Painter>>


During inclement weather, you want to keep your property and your family safe from the harsh elements. In damp or rainy weather, moisture can work its way into the brickwork since bricks are porous. In those cases, if water freezes in the brickwork it will cause the brick to fracture. Furthermore, any cracks in the brickwork can serve as a haven for insects, or a means for them to enter and infest your home. Fortunately, whitewash can protect your brick exterior from both weather and insects. Whitewash repels insects, so they will not lay eggs and cause an infestation. More importantly, it will protect the brick, and, since whitewash is breathable, it will not seal in moisture. Since the whitewash is durable, its appearance will survive through these unfavorable conditions. Painter Near Me>>

If your brickwork need to be updated, protected, or just restyled for a rustic appearance, whitewashing the brick exterior will provide the aesthetic and practical benefits you need.