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How Does Whitewashing Differ from Painting?

Whitewash Ingredients

Unlike conventional paint, whitewash is made with relatively few ingredients, and it’s so simple, in fact, you can make it at home. Just mix together masonry lime, table salt, and warm water, and you have a batch of whitewash. While the simple rustic look of plain white on brick or stone is popular, sometimes it is nice to have some color. Fortunately, there are a number of dyes which can be used to color the whitewash.

“What is the difference between whitewash and paint?”

If you are considering painting or repainting your house, this question has probably crossed your mind. What are the advantages of whitewashing? Why should I use whitewash instead of paint? Isn’t whitewashing an out-of-date technique? Will whitewash make my house look old?

It’s true, there are several differences between whitewashing and painting, and it is also true that whitewashing is an older technique. Despite this, whitewashing remains a popular alternative to more traditional paint. Using whitewash offers advantages even the best traditional paint can’t offer.

Whitewash Advantages

Whitewash is an old technique of painting, but it is far from out-of-date. It will provide your home with a timeless, rustic appearance you can’t capture with traditional paint. While the technique is old, it is time-tested, and can benefit your house in ways traditional paint can’t. Tulsa White Wash Specialists>>

Whitewash Lasts a Long Time

Even if you purchase the most expensive traditional paint on the market, eventually it will peel, chip, and fade. Paint requires constant maintenance if you want it to continue to look good. With whitewash, this isn’t a problem. Whitewash doesn’t peel or chip, and requires little maintenance to keep up its appearance. In fact, it can sometimes last for decades before maintenance is even required.

Whitewash Protects Your Home

You want to protect your property from harsh weather and other threats. A stone or brick house is undoubtedly sturdy, but it still can be affected under the right conditions. Moisture can seep into the brick or stonework. If it does, it will freeze in the stone, brick, or mortar, and will cause fractures. These fractures can serve as ideal locations for insects to lay their eggs, or enter your home. Should this happen, you will be in danger of an insect infestation. Fortunately, whitewash can protect your stone or brick from both bad weather and pests alike. Whitewash will not seal in moisture, which means you won’t have to worry about fractures forming. Whitewash is so durable, storms won’t damage it away or wash it off your home. In addition to this, whitewash naturally repels insects, so there is no fear of them laying eggs or infesting.

Whitewash is Non-Toxic

When you paint with whitewash, you don’t need to worry about any toxic chemicals. Whitewash is completely non-toxic. Nor will you have to worry about any lingering bad smells, as whitewash doesn’t create noxious odors. Tulsa Painters>>

In many ways, whitewash is superior to paint, and if you want your brick or stonework whitewashed, contact a Tulsa whitewashing company near you.