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Whitewashing Tulsa

White Washed Fire PlaceTom Sawyer had to trick his friends into whitewashing a fence for him, but we are happy to whitewash your property to give it a fresh take on a classic style. Whitewashing is a simple and time-tested process to get your stonework to look brand new, and help capture that rustic charm to improve any brickwork on your property. Besides the aesthetic appeal, you might be wondering about why you should whitewash your home. Look no further, because we want to answer all your questions about whitewashing. Schedule EDS For An Estimate: Whitewashing>>

What Does It Mean to Be Whitewashed?

You might be asking “What does it mean to be whitewashed? What do I stand to benefit from whitewashing?” To answer the first question, when something is whitewashed it is painted with a white, calcium rich coating. This coating gives anything a bright white, clean appearance. It is a method that has been used for centuries, and likely will be continued to be used for more. As to the second question, whitewashing comes with several benefits to your home.

Home Benefits of Whitewash

Whitewashing can do more than just make your home look beautiful. Unlike regular paint, whitewash is great for form and function. Some Whitewashes are antiseptic, so your property can stay free of bacteria. Furthermore, some white washing products you won’t have to worry about smell, as whitewash has no noxious odor. In fact, it can even cover up odors. Whitewashing also can be more inhospitable for insects looking to lay eggs, so there is less worry about bugs flying about your property (You of course can’t eliminate this without a pest control company and a proper landscape that inhibits bugs). On top of that, our whitewash is more durable than traditional exterior paints. Finally, whitewashing is completely nontoxic once dried, making it safe for you and your family or friends. Your pets could even lick it if they wanted and be perfectly all right.

Washing Walls: Interior Or Exterior

White Washed Brick Style2If you are wondering how to whitewash a brick wall, there is no need to worry, because we will take care of that for you. We know how to mix whitewash, and will apply it to your stonework or brickwork. Your walls will have never looked better. Contact us for a white wash estimate>>

History of Whitewash Paint

At the end of the day, whitewashing is an American tradition. Whitewash in the United States finds its humble beginnings in lime paint, used to prevent mildew building up on homes. Indeed, even chicken farmers found whitewashing chicken houses useful to make the unsanitary coops more pleasant to be around. In this day and age, however, whitewashing remains popular for more than just farmers. Whitewash has shown itself to be effective, time and time again throughout history, so it is no surprise people are using it as an interior and exterior home enhancement.

Why You Should Consider Whitewashing by Exterior Decorative Solutions

Whitewashing is not only a practical, proven method to give your building a clean look, but it will also add charm and a renewed sense of vitality to your property. We specialize in one thing interior and exterior brick and stone whitewashing. We can handle your residential or commercial whitewashing project. Contact us about your commercial whitewashing project>>

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Tulsa residential homes is where we have mastered the craft of whitewash painting. Any home, large or small, can benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Exterior Decorative Solutions white wash solutions can greatly enrich the color schemes of the inside or outside of your home.

Exterior Painter

Just like a furnace or brick wall inside of a home can benefit from a beautiful, unique white wash, so too does the brick or stone on the exterior of the home.

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